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If you solve English answers and questions, it will help you to make preparations for the exams beforehand. You can know the basics of Grammar which will help you gain good marks in the exams. You can practice writing essays so that there is no confusion at the last moment of the exams.

Makes the students responsible

Homework is the practice of what you learned in the previous class. This is probably the reason why students feel bored to do homework as they cannot do the repeated work. Doping homework regularly will make them more responsible and they will handle all the tasks in a better manner.

Good practice

Students often forget what is taught in class. Homework will help them to review and practice all the lessons taught in the previous class. They will get a revision of all the topics which will give them a better idea of the topics.

Communication with parents

Solving English homework answers will give the idea to the parents about the progress of their kids. Through homework, the parents will know what actually the children are learning in school. They can help their children in cases of queries or difficulties. This will make the students more confident in learning the subject.